Laser Rangefinders


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Key Components and Functionality

Laser Rangefinders typically consists of:

  1. Laser Emitter: Sends out a pulse of laser light towards the target.

  2. Receiver: Detects the returning light from the target.

  3. Microprocessor: Measures the time it takes for the pulse to travel to the target and back (time-of-flight method) or measures the phase shift of the light (phase shift method) and calculates the distance using the speed of light.

Methods of Measurement

  1.Time-of-Flight Method: Measures the time it takes for the laser pulse to travel to the target and back, using the speed of light to calculate the distance.

 2.Phase Shift Method: Measures the phase shift of the light as it travels to the target and back, using the modulation frequency and phase change to calculate the distance.


Laser rangefinders have a wide range of applications, including:

  1. Military: For reconnaissance and geodetic measurements over long distances.

  2. Forestry: For forest inventories and measuring distances through foliage.

  3. Sports: For precision distance measurements in golf, hunting, and archery.

  4. Industrial Production: For automation of stock management systems and production processes.

  5. Civil Engineering: For various construction and surveying applications.


  1. High Accuracy: Laser rangefinders provide more accurate measurements compared to other types of rangefinders.

  2. Portability: They are relatively small and lightweight, making them easy to carry and use in the field.

  3. Flexibility: They can be used in various conditions, including low light and adverse weather conditions.

Laser Rangefinders include: 3000m Laser Rangefinder.

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