Laser Rangefinder Module


EYOUNG's Laser Rangefinder Module offer exact estimation and checking capabilities. From separations of fair a few centimeters up to an noteworthy 40 kilometers, these gadgets give contact-free, quick estimations with millimeter precision.

Even in challenging visual conditions, our Laser Rangefinder Module convey precise separate estimations quickly and dependably. With their long-range capability, they give quick and exact information, basic for surveying circumstances expeditiously and reacting to dangers, indeed in destitute perceivability or extraordinary temperatures.

Covering a wide range of separations and applications, EYOUNG's laser rangefinders are flexible instruments for different tasks.

Key Features and Types

Long Distance Standard (LS series): Suitable for long-distance measurement applications, with a maximum range of up to 3 kilometers, using 905nm pulse laser technology.

Precise Standard (PS series): Utilizes phase-shift technology for millimeter-level accuracy, but not recommended for outdoor use due to environmental sensitivity.

Precise Dual-Laser Calibration (PD series): Equipped with automatic calibration to overcome environmental factors like temperature and humidity.

Long Distance High-End (LH series): Adopts 1535nm pulse laser technology for stronger penetration and longer ranges, up to over 10 kilometers.

High Frequency (HS series): Suitable for high-speed real-time response needs, with the highest frequency reaching 20KHz.

Applications and Advantages

Forestry: Specialized Laser Rangefinder Module with anti-leaf filters are used for forest inventories.

Sports: Laser rangefinders are used in various sports, such as golf, hunting, and archery, for precise distance measurement.

Military: Provides exact distance to targets beyond point-blank shooting range for snipers and artillery.

Computer Vision: Used extensively in 3D object recognition, 3D object modeling, and other computer vision applications, offering high-precision scanning abilities.

Industrial and Military Standards: Laser rangefinder modules meet industrial and military standards for reliability, precision, and environmental adaptability

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