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Eye-safe Range Finder Module

Ranging frequency (Hz):Single time、1、2
Warranty period: one year;
Model code: EA1501A
Laser wavelength:905±10nm(eye safety);
Distance measurement range:10~1500m;;
Ranging accuracy: ≤1+L×0.25%(L is ranging distance);
Ranging resolution: 0.1m;
Operating voltage:typical value 3.3V,2.5V~3.5V;
Pipe material: aluminum;
Small volume cylindrical configuration:≤φ23mm×46mm;
Light weight:≤20g;

Product Description


The Eye-safe Range Finder Module - a cutting-edge optical measurement device designed for accuracy and safety. With cylindrical configuration, this semiconductor laser ranging module/semiconductor laser rangefinder shares the common transmitting and receiving caliber on the basis of R&D of 905nm semiconductor laser. With its innovative design and advanced technology, the module ensures precise distance measurement while prioritizing user eye safety. Compact yet powerful, The 1500m Laser Rangefinder Modules EA1501A integrates seamlessly into a variety of applications, providing users with a reliable and efficient solution for their measurement needs.





Product Specification



Laser wavelength


Maximum range (m)

Large targets

















Minimum range (m)


Ranging accuracy (m)

≤1+L×0.25%(accuracy relates to ranging distance L)

Size (L×W×H) (mm)


Weight (g)


Ranging frequency (Hz)

Single time、1、2

Precision ratio


False alarm rate


Communication port


Supply voltage (V)


Stand-by power consumption (W)

≤0.6,zero standby power consumption with power off

Operating temperature


Technical Features

Ranging frequency (Hz):Single time、1、2;

Warranty period: one year;

Customization support: OEM、ODM;

Model code: 801.1001A.1201A.1501A

Laser type: LD(laser diode);

Laser wavelength:905±10nm(eye safety);

Distance measurement range:10~800/1000/1200m;;

Ranging accuracy: ≤1+L×0.25%(L is ranging distance);

Ranging resolution: 0.1m;

Operating voltage: 2.5V~3.5V;

typical value: 3.3V;

Power consumption: stand-by power consumption≤0.6W,Zero stand-by power consumption with power off;

Pipe material: aluminum;

Small volume cylindrical configuration:≤φ23mm×46mm;

Light weight:≤20g;

Products can be used as ranging modules for short-distance ranging needs.

Application Fields

Handheld optical measurement device;

UAV mount;

Electro-optical system;

Other scenarios with ranging requirements


Measurement Precautions:

Always ensure proper calibration of the module before use.

Maintain a clear line of sight between the module and the target for accurate measurements.

Follow safety guidelines to avoid direct exposure of the laser to the eyes.

Packaging and Delivery:

The Eye-safe Range Finder Module is carefully packaged to ensure safe transportation. It is delivered promptly to customers worldwide, with options for expedited shipping available.


Q: Is the 1500m Laser Rangefinder Modules EA1501A used in the module safe for the eyes?

A: Yes, the module utilizes eye-safe semiconductor laser technology to ensure user safety.

Q: Can the module be integrated into mobile devices?

A: Yes, the module's compact design allows for integration into various devices.

After-sales Service

At Hainan Yiyang Technology, our commitment to excellence encompasses more than just innovation; we prioritize providing tailored solutions through our bespoke services. Our dedicated support team, driven by unwavering dedication, is poised to promptly address any inquiries or concerns you may have, ensuring your complete satisfaction. With our customized services, we aim to meet your unique needs and requirements, delivering reliable assistance precisely when you need it. Your success is our utmost priority, and we're here to support you at every stage of your journey, offering personalized solutions to drive your achievements forward.


The Eye-safe Range Finder Module crafted by Hainan Yiyang Technology is synonymous with unparalleled precision and safety in distance measurement. By harnessing cutting-edge features and pioneering eye-safe laser technology, it sets the standard as the premier choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Should you seek more information or wish to discuss any inquiries further, please don't hesitate to contact us at Rest assured, our commitment lies in delivering unmatched solutions that redefine the very essence of excellence in optical measurement.

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