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Laser Ranging Module

Laser type:erbium glass;
Laser wavelength:1535±10nm(eye safety);
Distance measurement range:50~5300m;
Ranging accuracy:±1m;
Ranging frequency (Hz): Single time、1、5
Operating voltage:10V~14V;
Power consumption:standby power consumption≤1.8W, power off to achieve zero standby power consumption;
Pipe material:aluminum;
Light weight:≤80g.
Product Description


The pinnacle of accuracy and robustness, our Laser Ranging Module is expertly crafted to satisfy the rigorous requirements of professional applications where accurate distance measurement is crucial. This Erbium glass laser ranging module/Erbium glass laser rangefinder is a highly reliable and high-performance rangefinder that our company specially developed for harsh working conditions. With the working waveband of 1535nm, this product is in the eye-safe wave band.  Whether it is utilized for geographic surveying, robotics navigation, or industrial automation, our module ensures precise measurements with  consistency and dependability.

Product Specification



Laser wavelength



Maximum range (m)

Large target








Minimum range (m)


Ranging accuracy (m)


Size (L×W×H) (mm)


Weight (g)


Ranging frequency (Hz)

Single time、1、5

Precision ratio


False alarm rate


Multiple target detection (pc)


Communication port


Supply voltage (V)


Standby power consumption (W)

≤1.8W, power off to achieve zero standby power consumption

Operating temperature


Technical Features

1. Integrated design, strong shock resistance capacity, high reliability and stable performance;

2. Ultra-high sensitivity detection technology adopted, small volume, light weight, and long measurement range.

5000m Laser Rangefinder Modules EY5001A provides easy compatibility and seamless integration with a variety of systems. Its sturdy construction and dependable performance make it the best option for a variety of situations, offering dependable, accurate measurements for crucial applications.


Handheld photoelectric device;

UAV mounting;

Electro-Optic Systems ;

Other scenario with ranging requirements.


Measurement Precautions

Ensure the target surface is reflective to laser beams.

Avoid utilizing the module under unfavorable weather circumstances, such as high or low humidity.

Keep the lens clean to maintain accurate measurements.

Packaging and Delivery

Our Laser Ranging Modules are shock-proof, crash-proof and fall-proof in sealed packaging to ensure their integrity and safety during transportation. International transportation is generally air or express, can be flexible according to customer requirements, and ultimately ensure the complete delivery of products to customers.


Q: Can the module be customized for specific applications?

A: Yes, we offer customization services to tailor the module according to your specific requirements.

Q: What certifications does the module hold?

A: Our Laser Ranging Module complies with international standards and holds relevant certifications for quality and safety.


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