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Micro Laser Ranging Module

Laser wavelength:905±10nm(eye safety);
Distance measurement range:5~1500m;
Ranging frequency (Hz): Single time、1、2
Ranging accuracy:±1m;
Operating voltage:3V~5V;
Power consumption:standby power consumption≤1W;
Small size, square configuration:≤25.8mm×24.6mm×12.8mm;
Light weight:≤10±0.5g;
It can be used as ranging module that meet the need of short distance measurement.
Product Description


This Micro Laser Ranging Module is meticulously designed to deliver precise distance measurements across various applications. Thanks to its lightweight construction, the module can be used in situations where mobility and portability are essential. Its compact form provides excellent versatility in installation and use. Thanks to its tiny size, it can be used in applications like unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) 、optical sight and microrobotic platforms And it always provides stable measurement results, ensuring accuracy and reliability in various applications. Such as surveying, industrial automation or autonomous navigation systems.

One of the top producers and suppliers of Micro Laser Ranging Module is Hainan Yiyang Technology. We provide dependable quality at low costs from our self-operated operations. Our products can be tailored to match unique customer needs and have international certifications.




Laser wavelength



Maximum range (m)

Large target








Minimum range (m)


Ranging accuracy (m)


Size (L×W×H) (mm)


Weight (g)


Ranging frequency (Hz)

Single time、1、2

Accuracy rate


False alarm rate


Communication port


Supply voltage (V)


Standby power consumption (W)

≤1, power off to achieve zero standby power consumption

Operating temperature



With a square configuration, this type of semiconductor laser ranging module/semiconductor laser rangefinder shares the transmitting and receiving caliber based on the R&D of 905nm semiconductor laser.While ensuring the measurement and accuracy, it greatly reduces the volume and weight, with more extensive application scenarios, and has the following advantages:

1.Integrated design, great shock resistance capacity, high reliability and stable performance;

2.Multiple installation modes: face installation or customized side installation;

3.Adopting the unique patented algorithm of the Company, small volume, light weight, and long measurement range.

Application Fields

Industrial production: The module is used for alignment, position sensing, and quality control functions in industrial production processes. It keeps production processes highly accurate and guarantees exact component placement.

Agriculture and Forestry: The 1500m Laser Rangefinder Modules EY1503C helps with yield estimation, forestry management, and crop monitoring in agriculture and forestry. For the purpose of planning forestry operations, evaluating crop health, and mapping topography, it offers precise distance measurements.

Building layout, structural monitoring, and site surveying are the three main uses of the module in construction and civil engineering projects. It aids in guaranteeing precise measurements for foundation building, site preparation, and structural integrity evaluation.

Handheld photoelectric device;

UAV mounting;

Electro-Optic Systems ;

Other scenario with ranging requirements.


Packaging and Delivery

The Micro Laser Ranging Module is carefully packaged to guarantee delivery and safe travel. Options for custom packaging are available upon request. 


Q:  What is the maximum range of the module?

A:  Maximum measuring range, we can guarantee at least 1500m.

Q:  Is the laser beam safe for human eyes?

A: Yes, the module utilizes a Class 1 laser, which is safe for human exposure.

Q: Can the module be integrated into mobile devices?

A: Yes, the module's compact design allows for integration into various devices.

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The Micro Laser Ranging Module provides a lightweight, compact solution for stable, precise distance measurement, making it ideal for a variety of applications requiring accuracy, portability and reliability.Please email with any questions you may have about Laser Ranging Module solutions.We offer thorough after-sale support, which includes warranty services, troubleshooting, and technical support. Reliability of the product and customer satisfaction are priorities for our hardworking staff.

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